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Well Hello There

& Welcome!

I'm an experienced Production Manager & Producer who has been living in Los Angeles for over a decade learning everything there is to know about the Entertainment industry -- from red carpet interviews to building haunted mazes. Originally from New Jersey with a Bachelor's in TV News Broadcasting, I wrapped up my time on the East Coast with an internship at CNN before moving overseas to Australia to receive my MFA in Producing & Writing.

I’ve applied this knowledge in my latest role as a Production Manager for Netflix's Experiences team. The role entails opening location based projects where fans can immerse themselves into their favorite Netflix content IRL 

On the personal side

I'm an adventure connoisseur! I'm down to travel anywhere, up to tasting new cuisines and cocktails, and participating in activities such as snorkeling or skydiving. As someone who loves storytelling I believe it's important to understand various world views so that you are not naively looking at it from just your own. In my downtime I like to binge read books, design home improvement activities, volunteer, cook while pretending I'm on GBBO, watch Anime, Films, and most recently TikToks.

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